Open tools for science education and research.

We believe science should be shared freely between teachers, learners, and researchers. We work together with schools, teachers, designers, and all sort of geeks to create open-source common resources, creative workshops, classes, or hardware.

Featured projects

Co-lab workshops

Co-lab is a movement, a format of workshop, and a philosophy to achieve interdisciplinary collaboration. We work with universities, NGOs or science labs in all the world to spread this methodology.

Water watchers: water quality monitoring

We promote open science culture in high schools making science workshops and work with teachers to develop open content. Together, we also coordinate citizen science projects made by students.

DIλ spectrophotometer

DIλ is an Open Hardware spectrophotometer, designed to be accurate, easy to modify, and extremely cheap. We achieve this by using LEDs instead of an optical refraction system.

Public events

As our main goal is communication and interaction with society, we have become real experts in organizing events. We made more than 20 workshops, 50 public meetings, 30 classes in high schools in the past years. We also travel and communicate in many international or local events such as:

1. Futur en Seine festival 2015 and 2016 edition (Paris, France)

2. IGEM competition 2014 and 2015 edition (Boston, USA)

3. Synthetic Biology bootcamp 2015 at Biohackspace (London, UK)

4. Global NYC makerfaire and local Paris makerfaire 2014 edition.

5. Gathering for Open Science Hardware 2016 at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) and 2017 at Universidad Catolica (Santiago, Chile), and 2018 in Shenzhen (China).


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Open Science School is a community made by people all around the world. Our heart is based in the Center of Research and Interdisciplinarity of Paris, our main support and source of funds since 2014.

Contact us by email to juanma [at] openscienceschool [dot] org or in our social media: Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel