All our works are shared under Creative Commons licenses. In most cases the license is CC-BY-SA 4.0, which allows you to share, rework and redistribute for any purpose, if you cite the source and share derived works under the same license. In some exceptions we shared our work under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0, which does not allow commercial use of the materials.

Interdisciplinary workshops

Co-lab workshops

Co-lab is a movement, a format of workshop, and a philosophy to achieve interdisciplinary collaboration. We work with universities, NGOs or science labs in all the world to spread this methodology.

Online courses

Citizen science in schools

This course aims at giving teachers and university students an overview on environmental problems related to water quality, and strategies to bring a citizen science project into a classroom.

MOOC IGEM high school

This is an online course aimed at high school teams participating in the iGEM (international genetically engineered machine) competition. We outline basic science concepts related to synthetic biology, project management tips and brainstorming techniques.

The impact of humans on Earth

This very short course documents the impact of humans of Earth based on scientific evidence and serves as an introduction to ecology and to green politics.

Citizen science for education

Water Watchers

Water Watchers is an educational kit for high schools. In water watchers, students measure water quality of their area, learn about colorimetry and water quality analysis and critically analyze and debate over water quality data.

Les batéries de compagnie

"The bacterial pets" workshop was designed in partnership with the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris (Centre Pompidou) to teach kids 6-12 years old about synthetic biology and DNA design.

Open science hardware

DI-lambda, the open hardware spectrophotomter

DIλ is an Open Hardware modular spectrophotometer, designed to be accurate, easy to modify, and extremely cheap. We achieve this by using LEDs instead of an optical refraction system.